Marketing Monday ! 4 Tips to Stop Chasing Clients, and Start Attracting Them!

It’s Marketing Monday friends and I am so happy to introduce you all to Nikola Ahaiwe she is a business coach, marketing strategist and a motivational speaker . Prior to becoming a a coach she was a event planner so she to knows the struggle of being in the industry and how to grow a successful business . Without further adieu here is 4 Tips to Stop Chasing Clients, and Start Attracting Them !

Nikola Ahaiwe

Know Your Target Audience A common mistake that entrepreneurs make is thinking that EVERYONE is their client. While it may be true that anyone can use your product or service, when it comes to marketing your business, you have to get really specific about the type of clients you want to work with. What do they look like? How much money do they make? Where do they live? How do they speak, act, and dress? Take some time to create your ideal client profile. Knowing this information will  help you weed out those who would not be the right fit for your business, and attract those that you can better serve.

Create a Clear Marketing Message
When putting together your marketing message, act as if you are talking to one specific person: your ideal client. Focus on their pain points and the specific results that they will receive as a direct result of working with you (ex: saving money, less stress, etc.)


Be Strategic About Pricing
Pricing plays a big part in whether or not someone decides to use your services, but maybe not in the way that you may think.  Oftentimes, creative entrepreneurs will under price their products/services because they think that is the way to entice clients. But that strategy actually works to the contrary. Strategic pricing is all about perceived value. Make sure that your clients understand the value of what you do. It should be reflected in the description of what they will receive in working with you, as well as the quality of your marketing materials. Know your worth, and highlight why you are worth every penny!


Be Consistent
A key part of marketing is knowing where your ideal clients are hanging out, then determining how to get your marketing message in front of them. However you decide to do that, whether it’s blogging, social media, email marketing, etc., the key is to be consistent with your efforts.   It generally takes a client 5-7 points of contact before they are ready to make a purchasing decision, and they will only buy from those that they know, like, and trust. Being consistent with your efforts will keep you at the top of their mind when it is time to sign on the dotted line.  

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Nikola Ahaiwe is a Business Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Author of “Unleash Your Inner Mogul: Your Guide to Building the Business and Lifestyle That You Desire…and Deserve!” Through her company, Mogul in the Making, she offers workshops and resources to teach entrepreneurs practical, easy-to- implement marketing strategies to increase brand awareness, attract their ideal clients, and grow their business. For more information, visit


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