Passive Income: How To Make Money While You Sleep

Passive income is a hot topic, why is it such a hot topic right now? Let me tell you why, the wedding industry is a 300-billion-dollar industry and we are all chasing a piece of the cake and in all honesty we are working extremely hard. Long nights, no weekends late dinners and no vacation in site why? When you decided to start your business I know you didn’t think it was going to be as nonstop as it truly is. No one ever tells you that quitting a 9-5 and starting your business would mean working around the clock, but the joy in what you do means so much more to you than working that 9-5 makes it all worth it.

Now yes working your business and growing it is extremely amazing and rewarding but so is a vacation, so is turning your computer off at 5 and enjoying your family, that my friends is where passive income comes in (as they call it) I call it making money while you sleep because there is nothing passive about creating a product to make you income.

What is making money while you sleep and how do you make that happen, there are several ways to create passive income the idea is to create products. You have this wonderful gift may it be creating beautiful events, stunning invitations, capturing gorgeous photos, or spin the best of music on the one’s and two’s you have a gift now you need to share it. Here are a couple ways you can do that:

~ Write a EBook – a How to is a perfect way to share your knowledge with couples or new vendors that are starting out

~ E-course – this can be taught as an at your own pace course so people can take it in their free time and have it to refer back to later

~ Printables – If you create invitations or any kind of graphics this is something you can offer on your site as a downloadable product. You can also offer spreadsheets for clients to purchase, especially if they are only using you for day of you want them to have all their ducks in a row and here’s the way to make sure they do.

There are so many reason why not to take the time to create passive income but really there are so many reason why you need to. You need to be able to unwind and enjoy the business that you have created. These are just a few ways to get you started on thinking about how to make passive income, sit down pull out a notepad and jot down some ideas of products you would be interested in creating. Now make a timeline for yourself add it to your calendar and make it real. Now get working on it people are waiting to see your gifts now show them what you can do.

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  1. Jenna

    Great post Keneshia! I love using Canva to create ebooks etc, it’s so easy!


  2. Andrea

    Great advice! Who doesn’t need a little passive income? haha 🙂


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