To Hire a VA or Not to Hire a VA ?

Some of the common questions that are asked with the question of a Virtual Assistant comes up.

Do I need a VA? Why do I need a VA? What does a Virtual assistant even do? Can I afford a VA?  I think these are the questions we need to answer before we can even think about getting a VA.

SO let’s get into it What does a VA even DO?

I think Kellie Daab of I Do Collective said it best when she said “When I stopped working for venues and booking wedding planning clients I started blogging. In the blogging and online industries there are so many VA’s that specialize in working with creative entrepreneurs. Well, what I learned is that wedding vendors do the same tasks that these other businesses do. Social media, blogging, promotions, trade shows, etc. With my experience in wedding planning, I decided to specialize in working with wedding professionals and providing services for them specifically. With that said, I provide services like answering email inquiries, writing blog posts, managing social media and writing content, responding to media requests, writing timelines, following up with vendors, requesting quotes, workflow processing, managing your calendar, even down to assisting you with your project based tasks like bridal show booth design and/or promotions/giveaways/launches. Basically I’m the employee you don’t have to give any HR paperwork to us because we are contracted. Because I have such an interesting skill set you won’t find a lot of people out there that provide similar services. I’m working on educating the industry on how a wedding professional VA can assist their business. But I believe in my skills as well as know that I can be a huge asset to all kinds of wedding professionals. “

So now we know what a VA does, why do we need VA? For most people that is a simple answer they are a one-man show juggling a lot of balls in their court. A VA is really a dream come true everyone dreams of the day they can have a full time assistant in the office to take some of the pressure off of you, with a virtual assistant you get just that the only difference is that they are not in your office but they are working side by side with you to help accomplish your goals. Now how amazing is that? You delegate task to give to them and they carry out their task now this does take a little planning on your end to make sure you have the correct systems in place to hand off what you would like them to work on but once you do you will feel a sense of relief.

Here are a couple of examples of things a VA can help you with:

Calendar: You can have a VA manage your calendar, confirm and schedule all your appointments

Research: a lot of times I see people asking do you know of a venue that can handle 200 people outdoors and music till 2am, this is something your VA can research and have a list for you to give to your couples.

Social media: They can fully manage your social media or get post ready for you have it scheduled so you can post from there

Proofreading: Have your VA proof read your blog post or your submissions

Communication: If you are handling RSVP’s or planning a big event this is something you can turn over to your VA to handle.

Blogging: Some VA’s will also help you write your blog post or get images ready for you

Website: Some a super Tech savvy and will help you with basic WordPress maintenance

These are some examples of the many things that Virtual assistants have to offer. So back to the question: Can I afford a VA? The question you need to ask yourself is can you afford not to have a VA and what does that mean to you? Getting a VA is not going to break the bank allocate what your budget looks like so you know exactly what you can afford when you are on your hunt for your perfect VA. You can have them work anywhere from 5-40 hrs. a week that is completely up to you and the work you have for them to do, only do what makes sense for you, your budget and your business needs. As you grow you can add more hours if needed it just about starting somewhere. The idea of all this is to take some stress off of your plate and systematize your business.  

Now if you are not quite ready for a VA that is completely ok to, when you write out your weekly list and task separate your list into things you would like to delegate and things you will take care of, this way when you are ready for a VA you have already taken the steps to know what you will need a VA which will help you with the process of selecting your VA.

Before you run out and start looking for your perfect VA there are a few things you need to ask yourself, why do I need a VA, what can a VA add to my business (because with them assisting you it should add to your business) What is my realistic budget and lastly What task would you like to delegate. Once you have answered those questions then you are well on your way to finding the best VA for your company.


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