The Importance of Continued Education for Wedding Professional

The wedding industry is an incredibly fast moving industry. We discuss trends each year. These trends not only include new colors, new floral styles, and a whole runway full of new bridal gown designs but social media, client care, and system creation. Are you up to date with the current trends?

Here’s 3 reasons why you continued education is so important:

Your Client Changes:

What your client needs, how they want to communicate, what they expect of you, and even how they want to pay changes as the years go by. What worked when you first opened your business is not going to work today. With the continued growth of online connectivity, your business needs to be meeting the needs of your clients. Do you know how other businesses are meeting the needs of their clients using new systems and best practices? How will you know without continued education?

Best Practices Change:

The way you managed your wedding industry business in the past is likely not going to be relevant to today’s business practices. For example, do you have an online calendar where your clients can set up a meeting with you – or are they waiting to hear back from you about the meeting they requested? You need to be up to date with the operation systems that top notch businesses are using in order to keep your business moving forward in the most efficient way possible.

Innovations Happen:

Fabulous ideas happen every single day! Learning about new innovation in the industry allows you to bring innovation to your clients and your local market. Being aware of, and using these new ideas from influencers helps you to stay several steps ahead of your competition and shows that you are invested in staying up to date with innovation and new thoughts in the industry.

Finding continued education isn’t hard! It’s incredibly easy! Follow this link for the newest and budget friendly wedding industry conference.

What is the A.C.E. Conference

A.C.E. is a two day, hands-on creative workshop that will help to inspire you and grow your business.  A.C.E. stands for Aspire, Create, and Envision. Through this two-day workshop we hope that we help you to aspire to grow, create a sustainable business, and envision all the possibilities of what you want your business to look like.

From helping you identify your brand, to perfecting your designing & styling we will help you to streamline your business, so that your business is working for you. When you leave A.C.E. you will leave with all the tools you need to help you continue to grow and expand upon your goals and vision for your business. This creative conference will change the way you approach your business and you will leave refreshed, encouraged and supported.

We are excited to see you at A.C.E. !

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Keneshia also known as Kay a Southern California native & A Bay Area transplant and the Founder of Enchanted : The Wedding Event . She is the Lady Boss and Editor in Chief of Blissful 2 Be, Wedding Magazine, weddings & event designer and the VP of Wed Biz for WedTech Summit. A wedding and technology conference were the wedding and technology communities come together to educate each other about the wedding space and how we can grow together.With a strong background in planning and design she works to collaborate, and celebrate vendors . Kay is a speaker & educator and works with vendors, on how to grow and succeed in the wedding business and stay authentic during the process. More about us over at

3 thoughts on “The Importance of Continued Education for Wedding Professional

  1. Ann (Bummed Bride)

    This sounds like an awesome conference to attend! Great tips!


  2. Abigail

    This is such fabulous advice. I’m all about the continuing education – you can truly never stop learning! There’s never an end to perfecting your craft. Thank you for sharing this!!


  3. Beth

    Couldn’t agree more! Continuing ed is key to keeping ahead of your competition and giving clients the latest, greatest events possible. Thank you for this post! Wish I were in the neighborhood to attend.


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