Did you know there’s a difference between a workshop and a conference? There’s actually a huge difference. Workshops dig much deeper into the topic at hand and allows you to really connect on an actionable level with the presenter.

Workshops allow you to actually get your “hands dirty” and really help you understand the “how to” of the topic at hand. Workshops are incredibly value for your continued education and valuable for your business.

Here’s 2 Reasons Why Workshops Are Valuable For Your Business:


Most workshops allow you to take a deeper look at a topic and try something new. At the A.C.E. Conference we’ll be helping you dig into the wonderful world of calligraphy. This workshop will help you take action to learn something.

Learning something new is a valuable lesson for your wedding business for several reasons. Learning a new skill can help you create alternate streams of revenue for your wedding business. If you’re a planner and all of the sudden you now can help your client create custom place cards, you’ve just learned a revenue generating skill.

Or what if you attempt to do calligraphy and realize it looks like a kindergarten disaster. Well, that is a lesson as well. This means, you know you need to find a calligrapher you love and have no concerns referring.  It requires that you build a relationship with someone who can provide the same level of service you would provide for your clients.

Either way, participating in this workshop is a win for you. You’ll either gain a new skill or gain a new friend and business connection.


Holding that calligraphy pen in your hand, trying to master those letters, or trying to create a bouquet of gorgeous flowers can be an eye opener. Workshops allow you to understand the struggles of another business in the industry. You learn that the cost of heavy weight paper for calligraphers is an important line in the budget. Or that you can’t ask a florist for flowers for your stylized shoot without considering the cost of the product, their time to produce it, and the creative energy that goes into their donation.

By allowing yourself to participate in something new, you’ll begin to understand the hurdles and innovations that other wedding businesses experience. This will help you to better understand how to work along these businesses. What areas they can be of support to you, as well as how you can best assist them.

The skills you’ll learn by actively participating in a workshop will be far reaching and extremely valuable to your business. Participate now!

What is the A.C.E. Conference

A.C.E. is a two day, hands-on creative workshop that will help to inspire you and grow your business.  A.C.E. stands for Aspire, Create, and Envision. Through this two-day workshop we hope that we help you to aspire to grow, create a sustainable business, and envision all the possibilities of what you want your business to look like.

From helping you identify your brand, to perfecting your designing & styling we will help you to streamline your business, so that your business is working for you. When you leave A.C.E. you will leave with all the tools you need to help you continue to grow and expand upon your goals and vision for your business. This creative conference will change the way you approach your business and you will leave refreshed, encouraged and supported. We are excited to see you at A.C.E. !

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More about Keneshia

Keneshia also known as Kay a Southern California native & A Bay Area transplant and the Founder of Enchanted : The Wedding Event . She is the Lady Boss and Editor in Chief of Blissful 2 Be, Wedding Magazine, weddings & event designer and the VP of Wed Biz for WedTech Summit. A wedding and technology conference were the wedding and technology communities come together to educate each other about the wedding space and how we can grow together.With a strong background in planning and design she works to collaborate, and celebrate vendors . Kay is a speaker & educator and works with vendors, on how to grow and succeed in the wedding business and stay authentic during the process. More about us over at Blissfulcreativesedu.com

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