Why Networking Outside of Your Market is Important

You’ve likely attended a local networking event. These events allow you to connect with other professionals, meet on a more personal level, and have a hub of people that you like to refer to your clients.

But have you considered that networking with vendors outside of your market can also be incredibly important?

Here’s 3 Reasons Why:

Markets Are Different:

What you might be struggling with in New York may have already been solved in California. Meeting and networking with professionals in different markets allows you to greater understand how clients and businesses operate in different areas.

By creating this relationship, you’ll always have someone in a different market that you can reach out to when you’d like to solve a problem, get some feedback, or trend watch.

You’ll Be One Step Ahead:

By having connection in all areas, and tapping into their knowledge, you’ll be able to bring ideas and innovation to your market that will set you one step ahead of your competitors. You’ll have solutions and systems many of your local businesses will not. This allows you to position yourself and your business as an expert in the area.

Brand Exposure:

In the wedding industry, you are your brand. So networking with others increases your brand exposure in a huge way. This means that the florist from California you met at the A.C.E. conference might refer you to a friend who’s getting married in your town. Which each new connection you make, you add validity and legitimacy to your brand and business.

Meet someone new. Create a connection. It’s so worth it. Register Now!

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What is the A.C.E. Conference

A.C.E. is a two day, hands-on creative workshop that will help to inspire you and grow your business.  A.C.E. stands for Aspire, Create, and Envision. Through this two-day workshop we hope that we help you to aspire to grow, create a sustainable business, and envision all the possibilities of what you want your business to look like.

From helping you identify your brand, to perfecting your designing & styling we will help you to streamline your business, so that your business is working for you. When you leave A.C.E. you will leave with all the tools you need to help you continue to grow and expand upon your goals and vision for your business. This creative conference will change the way you approach your business and you will leave refreshed, encouraged and supported.  We are excited to see you at A.C.E. !

More about Keneshia

Keneshia also known as Kay a Southern California native & A Bay Area transplant and the Founder of Enchanted : The Wedding Event . She is the Lady Boss and Editor in Chief of Blissful 2 Be, Wedding Magazine, weddings & event designer and the VP of Wed Biz for WedTech Summit. A wedding and technology conference were the wedding and technology communities come together to educate each other about the wedding space and how we can grow together.With a strong background in planning and design she works to collaborate, and celebrate vendors . Kay is a speaker & educator and works with vendors, on how to grow and succeed in the wedding business and stay authentic during the process. More about us over at Blissfulcreativesedu.com

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