Many wedding professionals struggle with one seemingly simple problem — Time! We never seem to have enough of it. Between the everyday struggles of daily family and real life, running our wedding industry business, and meeting the needs of our clients, time often runs away from us much more quickly than we’d like.

But what if we told you there’s a way to gain your time back by doing 3 small things? Yep — these three things will help you to save hours of time a week and create a more streamlined business.

Create Templates-

You’re likely repeating the same things over and over again when speaking with your  clients. Why are you typing that again? Spend time creating amazing templates and make them signatures inside of your email provider. Then click to add the template, personalize it to your client, and send. This one simple change will radically improve the amount of time you’ll spend managing your inbox. Templates can be made for initial inquiries, on boarding new clients, providing and explaining contracts, sending payment reminders, and even vendor communication efforts.


Create A Follow Up Process-

Following up is an essential part of any sales and booking process. But in reality, you’re spending too much time on this small task. Create a follow up process. From the initial inquiry what steps will you take in what order. Create this process and use it. Every. Single. Time. Scheduling your follow ups and next steps in the client process will put you on auto-pilot and save you an incredible amount of time.


Stop Cobbling It Together-

In our technology driven world, there is no reason why you should be using a zillion different programs for managing your business. Don’t manage contracts, invoices, client management, and planning processes in four different systems. Test and use the many platforms that streamline workflow and client management like Honeybook, 17Hats, and Dubsado. You’ll invest a bit of time in the beginning setting up the system and making it work in your favor but once you’ve done that you’ll love using only one system for managing all of your client care needs.

Time is precious and fleeting. Don’t waste it being ineffective. Create a plan and follow it. Use a system that creates efficient work flow and watch your minutes and hours return to you!

More about Keneshia

Keneshia also known as Kay a Southern California native & A Bay Area transplant and the Founder of Enchanted : The Wedding Event . She is the Lady Boss and Editor in Chief of Blissful 2 Be, Wedding Magazine, weddings & event designer and the VP of Wed Biz for WedTech Summit. A wedding and technology conference were the wedding and technology communities come together to educate each other about the wedding space and how we can grow together.With a strong background in planning and design she works to collaborate, and celebrate vendors . Kay is a speaker & educator and works with vendors, on how to grow and succeed in the wedding business and stay authentic during the process. More about us over at Blissfulcreativesedu.com

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