How to Organize Client Information

I’m a sucker for an organized desk. Color coded folders, perfectly sectioned paper-clip and staple holder trays, and pretty notebooks make you FEEL organized, but are you really?

Are you still using pen and paper for client intake forms, collecting data, planning all of the last minute details of the wedding? Well, let’s get all of those papers off your desk and into your computer.

Here’s 3 tips for how to organize client information while going paperless:

Make a Survey for Everything-

Google docs allows you to create surveys that can be easily added into the body of an email as a link. Use a survey inside of your template emails. Send a survey when your client initial information from a client, when you need to get all of the planning details for your final meeting, or when you’re collecting their timeline or shot list. Google surveys are completely customizable and deliver the client’s information right to your inbox.


Create Inbox Folders-

Every client you work with will likely be sending you an email or 10,000 during the planning process of their wedding. Create a folder with each of your clients names and the wedding date. If you are working with more clients than your inbox allows create a main folder by the month. Then file the individual clients folders into their wedding month. This will help you to find their correspondence easily and keep your inbox cleared out.

Use a System-

Honeybook, Aisle Planner, 17 Hats, and Zoho are all amazing programs that allow you to enter client information and schedule tasks and automatons that belong to that particular client. You’ll be able to track their progress, create templates for contracts, invoices, and follow up. Using these systems also means that you’ll have access to all of client materials on the go. You’ll never walk into a meeting without having all of the information you need.

Spend a little bit of time setting up these systems and you’ll see an incredible increase in your productivity, a more effective way to organize your client’s information, and a lot of extra time to concentrate on booking more clients!

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