Conquering your business amidst the chaos

This last week has been a hard one for myself and a lot of the world and no this not a blog post about the election I have seen enough of that on facebook and on tv this is about conquering your business and life amidst the chaos .

I took some days off last week to figure out what’s next in my business, how I would move forward and continue to do what I love and then I took a step back and looked at everything as a whole . We are all entrepreneur’s, and in the businesses we run it is never easy and with everything going on in the world but it doesn’t change anything . We are still moms, wives, business owners and so much more . You run a business and household, you’re taking your kids to soccer practice and ballet how do we do all the things ? One, I believe that we have superpowers (lol yes I wear an S on my chest) but how do we still do all the things and run a successful business.

We make it happen, from scheduling to sacrificing we make it happen . Running a business is not easy and it’s sure not glamorous but it’s what we love it’s what we signed up for . We all need to take a minute and really look at all the things we accomplish and give yourself a pat on the back and two give yourself a mini dance party and congratulate yourself because you are doing it .

We are conquering our business amidst the chaos of life, you’re up all night with a sick kid and you still get up in the morning for meetings with clients or  shipping products you’re getting it done. That my friend is conquering amidst the chaos . We all start somewhere and some of us are further along than others but don’t give up . Strive to be great and achieve all your goals but to do this there is some simple task you need to do and have your foundation in place .

First things first write down your goals, having them out of your mind and on paper gives them power and it helps you to stay accountable . Next, I want you to take the time to map them out on your calendar, give yourself a timeline to obtain these goals . Remember to be realistic with yourself when setting your timeline so that you can actually reach these goals . Schedule out time every day or once a week to work on your goals . Lastly be kind to yourself , its hard work running a business and still taking care of your family and all that comes with your day to day but it’s possible .

Remember life is chaos but it’s time to embrace all of that and kick butt, sometimes you have to shut out what’s going on in the world and to get things done and that’s okay . I am here cheering for you and embracing the chaos with you and taking on this business one step at a time . Are you ready to take the next step in your business ? For the month of November, you can set up a free 30 min strategy call with me . To take advantage sign up below . 


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Keneshia also known as Kay a Southern California native & A Bay Area transplant and the Founder of Enchanted : The Wedding Event . She is the Lady Boss and Editor in Chief of Blissful 2 Be, Wedding Magazine, weddings & event designer and the VP of Wed Biz for WedTech Summit. A wedding and technology conference were the wedding and technology communities come together to educate each other about the wedding space and how we can grow together.With a strong background in planning and design she works to collaborate, and celebrate vendors . Kay is a speaker & educator and works with vendors, on how to grow and succeed in the wedding business and stay authentic during the process. More about us over at

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