How To Carry Out Your Action Plan

You did what all good businesses do! January came and you made a resolution, wrote down a dream, picked an inspiration word, and probably even sat down and made some plans for how to get started. But it’s February now and you’re still staring at that list wondering exactly how to get started. You’re even wondering what you should do first! So, let’s get some clear direction for moving forward with your plans for growth.

Here’s 4 Tips for Beginning:


You might have written down, “Be Consistent on Social Media”. But in reality that’s a large task that has several smaller tasks inside of it. Take large tasks and break them down into small complete-able tasks. So you might say – create a content calendar, gather content for blog posts, create a content theme for February, etc. When you take large tasks and break them into smaller and less intimidating tasks it’s much easier to get them accomplished.


We all know that the little red dot on your phone or tablet makes you crazy! But this often leads to distracted productivity. In order to stay productive try working in time blocks. Dedicate a full hour to one particular task. Turn off all social media, shut down your phone, don’t answer personal calls, and focus on one specific task. By blocking your time and avoiding distractions, you’ll find that your efficiency will increase and you’ll be able to harness all of your mental and emotional energy for task completion.


Sometimes we can’t get things done because they’re not perfect or we’re afraid to jump! It’s more important to be consistent than it is to be perfect. So, show up, keep working, keep trying, and stop overthinking things! By allowing yourself to release the need to be absolutely perfect or to say the perfect thing every single time you’ll be able to more quickly make progress with your task list.


Workflows help businesses to prioritize what must be completely immediately and what can be scheduled for future dates. Consider using an old-fashioned timeline with the numbers of the month. Then assign specific tasks throughout the month to specific days. Be sure to mark off days or prior commitments so that you don’t over-commit. Use longer work days to schedule more tasks. Consider using a task tracker like Trello or Asana with specific due dates or even a paper bullet journal for visible planning.

By using these four tactics you’ll be able to actually begin to see progress and productivity. That list you’ve made in January can begin to actually turn into actions. And you’ll finally begin to growth and progress in your wedding business.


Kellie Daab is a Wedding Business Architect and owner of iDo Collective. She is the creator of The Living Blueprint for Wedding Business Success. iDo Collective helps wedding professionals figure out what’s not working in their wedding business and works together with them to fix it. Kellie is also the host of the free online forum Wedding Industry Opportunities and Collaborations. Paper products make her giddy and coffee is her spirit animal.


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