Top Tips to win at Bridal shows !

It’s Bridal show season friends and I know it can be overwhelming to one receive all the emails inviting you to sign up and two to know which one is best for your business and is going to give you the best ROI for your business. Here are some tips to help you win at your next bridal show.

Make sure you are not jumping at the first opportunity, take a moment to do your research on the show and how many vendors the are excepting. You don’t have to be the only vendor in your category but you don’t want to be 1 of 50 in your category. Check into the style of the show if this show is for the DIY couple and you are not interested in the DIY bride this show is definitely not for you, you need to be apart of a show that attracts your ideal client. Now let’s just take a step back for a min in order to be effective at booking clients you want to work with you must know who your ideal clients are.

Now that we have covered how to find the show for you lets chat about setting up your booth for maximum success. Once you have booked your show and you know your booth size now it’s time for you to think about what you want your space to look like. Think about your space as a place for your potential couples to come in and sit and chat with you, DO NOT sit at a table and wait for couples to walk up to you. Couples want to know you are just as excited as they are about their special day. Create a space within a space, think of your space as a styled shoot set up a beautiful tablescape add in a cake display this is a perfect time to collaborate with some of your favorite vendors. Give them something to talk about don’t show them pictures of what you can do show them exactly what you can do.

Here’s an example of a gorgeous space:

Design: Chantel Events, Photo: Capil Photo

Let’s move on to collecting emails, this is a big one. Most shows will give you a list at the end and that’s great but that is not where you make your connections. Your connections and follows come from the people you make connections with at your booth, when someone comes up to you and you talk to them and you make a connection, you give them something tangible to remember you by not just a business card and you have them sign up to receive more information, when they leave you make a note about that couple . Something like Shannon talked about her favorite photo of her grandmother and how she was so excited to incorporate it into her wedding since they lost her a couple of months ago.

So when you follow-up within 3 days from the show you say Hey Shannon it was so lovely to meet you and I can wait to chat with you more about your wedding and how we can incorporate the photo of your grandmother in your wedding. The idea is to make the personal connection and not the generic connection that everyone else is making. Your goal is to book the client, you sell yourself at the show your making the connections, the couples are buying not only into what you can do but you as a person (remember they are buying into you, not just your service) so when you send your email you are just sealing the deal and making the final closing with your email .

Lastly, enjoy the process bridal shows are a whole lot of work so make sure you are first picking the best ones for your business and two you are making lasting connections with the couples as well as the other vendors these are the people you will be creating a beautiful experience for and with.

Do you have any questions about creating an experience at your next bridal show? Pop them in the comments.

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